Photographer: Jennifer Spence


On location or Studio

 portraits fee is : $150.00

 This will include your sitting fee , all proofs ( approximately 65 or more) and a portfolio . All proofs are 4x6 in a matte finish . They are copyright protected , but they are NOT watermarked on the proof itself.  These proofs are perfect for framing , putting in your family album and even sharing with family and friends.

Location suggestions, Silverwood Plantation ( located in Effingham Country), Ebenezer Retreat ( located in Effingham County), Forsyth Park( located in Downtown Savannah), Historic Savannah ( Historic squares, River street, etc.) and maybe your own home or somewhere you may have in mind.

*Additional families $25.00 per family

Beach ( Tybee Island or Hilton Head Island)

portrait fee is : $250.00

This will include your sitting fee, all proofs( approximately 100 or more ) and a portfolio. All proofs are 4x6 in a matte finish. They are copyright protected, but they are Not watermarked on the proof itself. These proofs are perfect for framimg, putting in your family album and even sharing with family and friends.

On tybee island I shoot on the north end of the beach capturing  you and your family in several different locations,  the Lighthouse in the background  as the sun is setting, sitting in the sand dunes, walking on the beach and  wetting your toes in the water as the waves roll in , sitting on the rocks overlooking the ocean , and many other places as well.

* Additional families $25.00 per family


Prices range from $1500.00 and up

Please refer to the Wedding page for additional information about Weddings. I like to individually create Wedding packages to suit the Wedding couples needs. Creating packages to suit your needs is what is most important to me.

New Baby Program

Price for New Baby package  is $500.00

This package will include 4 sittings: 3mos, 6mos, 9mos, and 1 year. This package will include all proofs ( approximately 50 proofs or more)  and a portfolio 1-8x10 and 12 wallets. You may bring several different outfits to change , but remember , sometimes changing them makes them a little mad. So always start with your favorite outfit first. I have several different props that I use for each milestone or you may have your  own ideas.  I highly encourage you to add personnal ideas to your child pictures, I feel it give a very personnal touch to his or her pictures. See baby & toddler page


Prices range from $150.00 and up

These packages vary depending on what you are looking for: I have a studio , I can shoot your formal senior portraits  and or cap & gown. I do have the girls black velvet drape , but I do not have the boys tuxedos. They can be rented by the day for a small fee at several different rental shops.You will receive appromiately 20 proofs with a portfolio . These proofs are copyright protected, but they may be used for framing, putting in a family album or sharing with family and  friends. These packages  alone is $50.00 each.

I also do the casual senior pictures, where we can go on location somewhere that maybe  special to you or you may choose the studio. I highly encourage seniors to add memoriable items to their pictures. Like if you played sports, wear your letter jacket and bring your baseball glove . If you were in the band , bring your instrument and so on. I can suggest several different locations or you may have somewhere in mind yourself. This package includes all of your proofs (75 or more) with a portfolio.  You may bring up to 3 outfits to change into. This package is $150.00

* Package Deals available , if you are interested in more than one of these sittings.